Understanding Internals – VTU – 2018 Scheme

What is the new scheme in VTU? How do internals work? It can be confusing to be for a  fresher starting engineering in Karnataka today, especially with the frequent changes in Syllabus and Schemes. To help throw some light, we have compiled some important information that could be helpful to VTU first year engineering students.

This article focuses on Internal Assessments, officially known as Continuous Internal Evaluation(CIE), by the university (Read this article to get a full list of course types under VTU).

Internals - VTU

Continuous Internal Evaluation (CIE) for theory subjects

  • CIE accounts for a total of 40 out of 100 marks for every subject.
  • Every student has to undergo a total of 3 internal assessments (or just internals) that are conducted by every college.
  • These internals are conducted by the end of the 5th, 10th and 15th week from the time of semester commencement.
  • Each internal is for a total of 50 marks.
  • It is mandatory for all students to attend all 3 internals. This is because, unlike previous years, marks are calculated based on the average of marks attained from all 3 internals.
  • When calculating the final marks, the total marks attained from the 3 internals is calculated and recalculated for a maximum of 30 marks.

Every student has to score a minimum of 16/40 marks in CIE to gain eligibility.

  • For example, if you have scored –  40, 40 and 45 in the 3 internals, you have a total score of 125/150. This is then reduced to a maximum score of 30, and for final marks calcualtions, your marks will be 25/30.
  • The remaining 10 marks is assigned to every student based on their regular performance in class, which is determined by the respective teachers. There are regular assignments/tests/quizzes conducted during classroom hours, that every student has to participate in to gain those 10 marks.
  • Therefore, to summarize, out of a total of 100, 40 marks are from internal evaluation, which is made up of Internal assessments (30 marks) and classroom evaluation (10 marks).
  • Every student has to score a minimum of 16/40 marks in CIE to gain eligibility.

Engineering Graphics is the exception to all of the above.

Here is how CIE for Engineering Graphics works:

  • A student is awarded a maximum of 24 marks based on Class work.
  • Two tests of 16 marks each are conducted during the semester. The best score from the two tests is considered for final marks tally. As in previous cases,a student needs to score a minimum of 16/40 marks in CIE to gain eligibility.

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