Why You Should be Part of Your College Fest Committee


Have you ever wondered why college is considered a vital part of an individual’s life? College prepares you to tackle the tasks that lie ahead of you with an equipped mind. As a fresher, you are introduced to all the clubs and events in your college. Fests can be fun to hang out with your friends. But to be the organizer of these events have their own perks. Here are 5 reasons, why you should definitely be a part of your college fest committee:


  1. Socializing:

Through these events, you get to meet and socialize with all your peers and seniors. This also is a wonderful ice-breaker to from bonds that last. Take part in these events with an open mind to meet like-minded people.

  1. Time and resource management:

Most of these events have to be organized with limited funding. You learn to attract sponsors, which are quality business management skills appreciated by most of your potential employers. Things are bound to go wrong while organizing large events. You learn to tackle these crises head on. Hence, your management skills come in handy for a future in the corporate sector.

  1. Networking:

While organizing these events, you get to meet people from different walks of life. People who are driven and enthusiastic. These people form a network and a large spectrum of subjects for you to learn from. You learn to interact with experts in the same subject domain as yours and learn a lot about the industry before graduation.

  1. Social responsibility:

While organizing events, you should not cause social distress or harm college property, however small. Being responsible for your friends, people involved in the event, is of at most importance. You can inspire people around you by organizing events to tackle the real world problems. You also have the opportunity to create awareness amongst the masses about the happenings of the society. People who aspire never forget to inspire too!

  1. On the job front:

It is essential to rise above the ranks while interviewing for a job and this is only possible if you have the ability to lead, organize and coordinate activities. You inculcate these traits when you are a part of the committee and perform your duties well. In the long run, this will help you succeed.

Hanging out with your friends and gossiping is fun, but personal growth is important in shaping a better tomorrow. So, next time you see a flyer asking for volunteers, be the first one to reach!


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