Surviving the first week of College – A Checklist

If you are joining an engineering college anytime soon, you are sure to be uncertain about how to prepare for your first week. Kavya Prakash from VVCE, Mysore, gives you a quick check list on everything you need to know to survive and shine in the first week.

Vidya Vardhaka College of Engineering
Kavya Prakash

As exhilarating as it is, starting at a new college will need some preparation. It is a much different life than what you’ve lived all these years. To make your life at your new college a little easier, we provide you with a list of things that you”ll need for surviving the first month at a degree college.

Documents for college:

You need to bring documents such as:

  1. 12th marks certificate or a provisional, if the original certificate is not available yet.
  2. Income, caste and sport certificates, if you have applied for a reserved quota.
  3. Merit certificates, if you are applying for a scholarship.
  4. Receipt of admission, to get your library card, hostel card and ID cards made.
  5. Recent photographs of you for the above mentioned cards.



It so happened that, on the first day of my college, I was very anxious and forgot to take a notebook with me to the classroom. So, I ended up writing math equations on my college admission receipt, another reason why you have to carry your admission receipt. But, not everyone is lucky enough to pull this off, so my advice for you is to bring along a notebook and a pen to the class. If you are an engineering student, a scientific calculator is a must.

Money and debit card:

Credits Cards
Debit Cards

In order to buy a new issue of the laboratory manual or graph sheets or to get your physics notes xeroxed, you have to carry money with you. The first few weeks of your time in college is when you will make friends and explore the canteen menu. A little money will come in handy to buy your lunch. There will be an ATM nearby, anytime you run out of money. So, do not forget to bring along your debit card.

For hostelers:

Along with everything mentioned above, hostelers have a long list of things to bring along with them as the campus will be their home for the next 3 to 4 years. These things include a mattress, a pair of clean blankets and bedspreads. Also, toiletries and self grooming products should not be forgotten. You can bring a kettle and a hot plate if it is allowed to be kept in your hostel room. You can also bring along a laptop to keep yourself busy and entertained.

The first month at college can seem a little demanding, but after a few weeks, things get a little easy and you get comfortable with the new way of life. You will also be more confident and self sufficient.

PS – Do not forget to generously use deodorant at all times and of course, flash that smile, will you!

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