AMC Engineering College: An Insider’s Guide

After completing his first year in the engineering college, Vamshi Prasad of AMC Engineering college, Bangalore tells us everything we need to know about his college, from places to eat, to popular hangout spots and prevalent college practices. 

AMC College of Engineering
Vamshi Prasad

Where to Hang out:

Well, When I first joined AMC Engineering College, I felt everything was far away, But then, slowly I discovered many good spots to hang out. Few of my favourites are Royal Meenakshi Mall, Vega City Mall. These malls are between 5-10 kms from the college and well connected by frequent buses.

If you’re looking for some quiet time , You can always go to the Bannerughatta biological park, or the Bannerughatta Temple. There is a range of hills by the temple, Which provide a very good spot for taking some good clicks and to just get a time off. There are many other hangout spots, like bakeries in KalKere. Additionally, there is a small lake in KalKere, very near to the college. Or some people just prefer to stay in the college, and explore the campus.

Where to eat:

Being a vegetarian, I found it hard to find good places to eat initially. The college Canteen always welcomes you if you’re a person who doesn’t value taste much and who has a lot of money, but unfortunately, I value my taste a lot. So the nearest spot to find good food is VP Canteen (AKA Dhaaba) right beside the college campus. If you don’t like the food over there, then you can find some good food in Kalkere, or Gottigere, But they’re a bit far away. Some exploring on Bannerughatta road, is bound to find you your go-to food joint. Although there are a few food joints, most students prefer to get their own lunch boxes. Yet due to college timings, from 9 to 5 (approx.), students invariably tend to get hungry, and search for good places to get good food.

Engineering Colleges of Bangalore
Main Building: AMC College of Engineering

College Events:

Every year the college conducts 2 fests –  1 in each semester, Colosseum and Melange. The fests are vibrant and enjoyable. We conduct ethnic day and many game events. We also conduct events like Physika where students get to showcase their projects. The NSS in the college organises many camps which is strongly recommend as well. Additionally, there are many department level fests and activities that one can participate in.

College clubs and communities in AMC Engineering College:

There are many clubs in the college, but none of them have a formal introduction process for new students. The clubs, however,  are very good in case you want to join in. We have a Mozilla club where we develop using open source platforms/softwares like Mozilla Firefox, Thundermail, etc.; We also have a club called INNOTRONICS – Innotronics stands for Innovative Electronics Lab. In INNOTRONICS students implement their project ideas and also they do projects based on Application of curriculum under the guidance of faculties having in depth knowledge of respective domain. There’s a very good sports team from the college. The popular sports are Volleyball, Kabaddi, Basketball and Cricket.

This year, 2018, the Volleyball boys team were the winners and the girls team were the runners, in the Samara tournament, an intercollegiate tournament for volleyball and Throwball. The Judo team won the Silver Medal in the year 2018

Well kept secrets:

The college calculates attendance by taking the average of all the subjects. The college is fairly strict about students maintaining regular attendance and considers a student to have Attendance shortage, if their average attendance across subjects drops to below 85%. In Fact, below a certain limit, students are not allowed to appear for exams even! So tread carefully!  

Attendance for ever class is calculated and sent to the parents via SMS everyday, if the ward is absent. They use a software platform known as Pupilpod. Many times, the teachers use digital form of teaching, using a projector. Students also recieve regular updated from college via SMS.

The college crowd over here is great! All the teachers encourage the students to do their projects, and internships. Doing internships is the best thing you could do, as you get experience and can earn money, and can enjoy, all at the same time.

I look forward to welcoming the new batch of students to AMC and will be glad to help the freshers, in anyway possible.  



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